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Simply stated, Social By Geeks started because of seeing our business friends not getting positive results from other social media companies. Started in 2019 in Houston, Texas, Social By Geeks got a strong, educated team together and created a diverse social media business that strives to put you, your business and even your business personality first on the web. Our highly experienced team brings over 25 years experience into the keyword filled world of getting a business out front and fast. We stay current with the digital market trends, and make certain that our clients businesses are effectively communicated amid all the other clutter that is out there.

We found that the high bar we set for ourselves spills over to our clients. After all you found us on the World Wide Web didn’t you? (Ask us about how we achieved that sometime)

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We are Social Media Posters, Designers,
Developers, SEO Experts and Strategy Planners.

The frustration of putting your money and trust into a company that just does the fluff stuff without any measureable results is real. We have been there ourselves. It is what inspired us to found Social By Geeks. We make you look better than the competition through professional photography, current and relevant social media posts and maybe a viral video getting thrown in the mix because that is what works. Period.

You can trust us. We are Social Media Posters, Designers, Developers, SEO Experts and Strategy Planners. We are on a mission to become the most recognized name in Social Media Marketing and to do that we will invest whatever it takes to get there.

“Come along for the ride, we are really excited about the journey to get to the top. And that, my friends, mean making you a success first… because without you there is no us!”


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